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To Purchase the bare shell click on the first button. Paypal charges a 3% fee which is added to the price.  You can also pay COD to avoid the 3% fee by calling us. Bare shell is free shipping special till the end of Sept 2015. After that $75 for S&H will be added.

To buy the shell and ALL electronics (dslr camera and d70 printer )click on add button below and view cart to check out via paypal.


This Photo kiosk will light up the room! With the option to add 1200 RGB led’s that can be remote controlled by color it will be the life of any party.
Specifications: 16.75″ wide by 25.5″ tall x 6.5″ deep.
We can also make the shell a super thin 4″ deep but this requires using a 24mm pancake lens to fit
the column is 6.25″ square and about 36″ tall with a weight of about 8 pounds.
Base plate is 16×24″ x 1/8″ steel with rubber anti slip strips on bottom 10 lbs.
Optional Plastic Blow molded transport case is $60 more and can fit base plate and electronics box inside with padding.

Unlike competing kiosk which force you to buy specific hardware this unit will fit any touch screen that is 17″ or smaller.
Below is  a list of compatible PC’s:
Shuttle X50v2 15.6″ all in one
Asus 15.6″ flip convertible notebook
Toshiba Radius 15.6″ convertible
Dell Inspiron 15.6″ convertible
Acer R7 15.6″ convertible notebook
Lenovo Yoga 13″ convertible notebook
Elo 17″ 4:3 ratio touch screen monitor with micro NUC pc
Elo 15″ touch screen monitor

We will custom cut the polycarbonate white plastic front for whatever monitor size you need.

The base price for this unit is $1200 for the shell only. You can buy the all in one convertible notebook camera and printer to make a complete kit.

Alternatively you can buy it all from us as follows:

$1200 for bare shell kiosk
$100 to upgrade to 1200 RGB led lights with remote control to change the color
$300 Canon t3 dslr with genuine canon ac power supply
OR if you want a less expensive camera $100 for point and shoot with genuine power supply
$280 for shuttle x50v2 pc touch screen with software
$400 for refurbished sony updr200 printer about 50 lbs. OR
$550 for refurbished Mitsubishi 70dw printer which is about 30 lbs.
$100 for studio moonlight flashled glow pod
Free shipping and life time tech support only if you buy all components from us d
Total Price of  $2380 with dslr and sony 200 printer

Total price of $2530 with dslr and 70dw printer