$1400 Wood Kiosk

$1400 Wood Kiosk

Well we swore we would never make a wood kiosk because plywood is so darn heavy. But we found some lovely 1/8″ thin plywood that is durable and beautiful and very LIGHT. We’ve painted¬† these panels with 3 coats of clear polyurethane for a subtle shine.

The electronics box with camera and touch screen pc is only 19 pounds
The bottom box is 13 pounds and
The middle box is only 8 pounds

That is a total weight of only 30 pounds, without a pritner!

Like our other kiosk this one splits into three sections. This allows you to easily transport the kiosk and it also allows one to use the kiosk in stand up or sit down position by simply switching the top and middle sections.  See the photos for the different configurations.

Inside each kiosk is a powerful refurbished 13″ convertible notebook with core i5 processor. It can easily be removed if you want to travel with it.

Also included is a monolight strobe and white plastic roof so that you get both soft bounced light and more direct flash. The pictures are taken by a sharp point and shoot camera.

The kiosk is 15×15″ in size and about 66″ tall. It does not come with a printer. A sinfonia cs2 printer is about $700 or a DNP rx1 will also fit and is about the same price.¬† Depending on what printer you use we will cut out the appropriate hole in the structure.

We also will be offering this wood paneling on almost all of our other products. So if you want a classy looking booth just give us a call and we can start making one for you today.

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