$595-$750 IPAD Photo Kiosk

$595-$750 IPAD Photo Kiosk
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super bright leds’ make for great photos ever time.

To buy this product click on add button below and view cart to check out via paypal. there is an additional 3% fee that paypal charges. You can order via the phone and pay COD (check on delivery) and give fedex a US postal money order if you want to avoid the paypal fee.Shipping is $65 anywhere in the 48 states. With the 3% fee the total is $830 for the large rectangular model. THIS IS FOR THE SHELL, BASE AND LED LIGHTS ONLY DOES NOT INCLUDE THE IPAD

In addition to the above $750 model we have two less expensive ones that are described below:

Our $595 rectangular head ipad has a built in led system to keep your portraits beautiful!

We also have a $700 24″ ring light ipad kiosk which really makes the subjects pop!

We are using a new steel white base for all our ipad kiosks which is 18 lbs. It’a  bit heavier but much sturdier and helps keep the unit very stable.












web-ipad-ring-light-standIM web duffle bag 42 for ipad 342wh-bk

Optional additions
$300 for 32GB ipad 4 refurbished with wifi AND cellular broadband
$555 for refurbished dye sub printer, mitsibushi cp70dw which cost around $1000 if new.
$200 for inkjet air print Printer which is very user friendly (no windows pc needed)
$111 for used  print server laptop
$50 for 42″ long rolling duffle bag to easily transport the ipad kiosks.

$100 special order adds a couple of weeks: for SLA battery 34ah, to run for several hrs 23 lb weight with charger. Please note the battery is optional it is NOT needed as the unit normally runs off an ac power supply. The battery is heavy but is perfect for locations without electricity. Lithium Ion batteries can be ordered at about double the cost and are half the weight.
This kiosk works with any ipad version except for the original ipad since it does not have a front camera. For best quality we recommend the ipad4, air, air2 or pro which all have the skinny lighting power charging plug. The older ipads that have the wide fat plug have lower resolution cameras that do not give very good results.

all you do is drop the ipad in and download your favorite photobooth software, there are lots of them on the app store
I personally think pocketbooth is good as is my photobooth

Isit is the app used in the video above, www.isitkiosk.com is where you can buy it from and watch a more detailed training video.

the unit is very light and only weighs about 35 lbs total with ipad and led lights inside.

It is made of 6061 alloy aluminum with aluminum back panels and traslucent front white panels.
it breaks in half for transport and can easily fit in any car.