$595 Kiosk+Camera+PC

To buy this product click on add button below and view cart to check out via paypal. there is an additional 3% fee that paypal charges. You can order via the phone and pay COD (check on delivery) and give fedex a US postal money order if you want to avoid the paypal fee.Shipping is $65 anywhere in the 48 states. With the 3% fee the total is $680 us dollars. This price is for the square black kiosk the white and rounded corner one are more expensive. By clicking on button below you agree to all terms of sale and returns policy on our web site.

$650 DIY KIOSK $650 DIY KIOSK2 $800 diy kiosk white                           ROUNDED-KIOSK-3-WEB ROUNDED-KIOSK-WEB ROUNDED-KIOSK-2-WEB This is our budget kiosk kit that ships flat and you assemble. If you like shopping at IKEA this is the bargain for you.This is a DIY kiosk with ONE non touch monitor that ships un-assembled and takes about 3 hours to assemble. Once it is built it only takes about 10 minutes to put together at an event.

It is bolted together and includes everything you need to have your first event is included except for the photo printer and software which is trial only. You can use any printer you want, we recommend the canon selphy for around $100 if you are using it for personal use and a professional dye sub if you are using it for rental purposes.

The kiosk is new and brakes down into three boxes for easy transportation. One box has wheels so you can roll it into your venues easily. The frame is made of light weight aluminum and the side panels are tough ABS black plastic. INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING


USED computer is a 2.8ghz 17″ LCD SCREEN all in one PC pentium 4

ABS PLASTIC PANELS ALUMINUM TUBES BOLTS AND FASTENERS TO PUT IT TOGETHER SO IT LOOKS JUST LIKE THE PHOTOS ABOVE. the photo above does not show the white button but there will be one right below the monitor. Also.

FAQ Q: What kind of lighting is used? A: The on camera Flash. You can also mount a monolight on the inside if you want a bigger light source.

Q: What software is included? A: Our own trial software is included.

Q: What are weights and dimensions of each box? A: dimensions are as follows: 20x14x16″ small box on bottom 20x14x22″ medium box in middle 20x14x27″ large box on top weights are as follows: 8.5 lbs small box 9.5 lbs medium sized box 15.5 lbs top box 16 lbs all in one pc 2 lbs camera total of 51.5 pounds plus weight of whatever printer you use. This is the lightest most easy to carry kiosk ever!

Q: Can the camera be lowered for kids and short people? A: YES the middle and top box can be interchanged so that it is a sit down booth?

Q: Why is your product so much less expensive than other companies? A: We buy everything whole sale and pass the savings on to you. Also by shipping the unit flat we save you hundreds on shipping costs.

Q: How durable is your booth? A: Watch our video and see a 200 pound guy easily stand on top of the boxes!

Q: If I break or loose a piece can I buy replacement panels and parts from you? A: sure we have been making booths for over ten years and have most parts in stock.

Q: Do you offer tech support? A: One month, after that you can pay $200 a year for tech support. Honestly if most people just read the manuals then 99% of tech support questions would be answered.

Q: Do you sell back up cameras, printer and computers? A: Yes we have many in stock!

Q: What is your return policy? A: Sorry each kiosk is custom made and not returnable.

Q: I already own a camera, computer and printer Can I just buy the shell? A: Yes it is $50 less with out the used  electronics.

Q: Do you have an assembly video. How hard is it to put together? A: It takes about 3 hrs to assemble and all you need is a phillips screw driver and pair of scissors. It truely is amazing how well thought out and engineered this unit is.

Q: is a ceiling included? A: No there is no ceiling panel this is done on purpose since the heat from the pc builds up, also heat from high power optional led’s can be pretty hot as well. if you do make a ceiling out of sheet metal then you must put vent holes in it. you will also quickly find out that people think that is the perfect place to put their drinks, right on top of your expensive electronics box!!!! Yes you should see the youtube video below, but if you do not then go to youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iL4DdNlzk_w if that link does not work just search for the title on youtube which is diy kiosk photobooth kit PLEASE NOTE THAT THE VIDEO IS A LITTLE OUTDATED. HERE ARE THE CHANGES: 1. THE BOTTOM COMPUTER SUPPORT BAR WITH 4 HOLES IN IT ALREADY HAS THE U CHANNEL SUPPORTS BOLTED TO IT THIS IS MENTIONED AT ABOUT 14 MINUTE MARK. 2. THE COMPUTER WILL SHIP IN ITS OWN BOX FOR BETTER PROTECTION.