$595 Ring Light Mirror Kiosk

To Purchase the bare shell click on the first button. Paypal charges a 3% fee which is added to the price.  You can also pay COD to avoid the 3% fee by calling us. Bare shell is $55 shipping

To buy the shell and ALL electronics click on add button below and view cart to check out via paypal.


If you’ve always wanted an LED right light kiosk, but cried at the $5000 prices other resellers are charging than this will make your day. This economically priced kiosk has free shipping if you buy a complete kit from us, Or you can pick and choose what components you get, but then you wont’ get the free shipping.
$595 for the empty kiosk box , pole and base
$100 more for the led right light inside
$300 for Microsoft surface pro 2 with huge 128gb hard drive and Photobooth software
$15 for usb 3.0 powered hub
$400 for refurbished sony updr200 printer
$120 for a roll of paper and ink
$100 more if you want an adjustable collum that can be raised and lowered for short or tall people
$300 for canon t3 dslr camera with genunine canon power supply
$50 for umbrealla bracket and umbrella
ONLY $1980 for a complete kit!