$800 DIY Square Kiosk Kit

$800 DIY Square Kiosk Kit

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This is our budget kiosk kit that ships flat and you assemble. If you like shopping at IKEA this is the bargain for you.

It is composed of six  welded frames that you screw the cross pieces to and your choice of either

black (.040″) or

white panels (.060″) EXTRA $100 FEE

birch wood grain panels with clear polyurethane coat $100 FEE.

When completed you can use your own monitor or all in one computer and your own point and shoot or DSLR camera, along with your own Printer to make a sleek tower.
The tower breaks down into 3 boxes and can easily fit into any car.

It is normally 16×16″ in area and about 68″ in tall.

We can also make a larger 24×16″ boxes if you want to use a large monitor horizontally. This bigger box is very bulky and will not fit ina regular car. We do not recommend it, but we have sold it for those that want it.

It comes with instructions and a one year warranty and best of all shipping is free!

To make this a complete kit we recommend the following:

$150 Cost for a refurbished/used  17″ all in one computer OR…..
$300 for 16″ touch screen all in one pc.
$25 usb start button,
$150 powershot camera with ac power adapter
$450 for refurbished Mitsibushi 9550 or Sony UPdr200 printer.
LED light is $130 more
From time to time we run specials on our refurbished/used electronics. Call us for best pricing and information.

We get many requests from people that want to use their own monitor and camera in the booth.

You can mount pretty much any camera in the booth. If you are using a wide angle or other lens that is not typical than you may have to drill a hole to move the mounting hole forward or backwards to accommodate your lens.

As far as using your own monitor Anything up to  15″ can be mounted horizontally
Anything bigger than 16″ will have to be mounted vertically.  We do not recommend any monitor bigger than about 20″ for the simple fact that they are heavy.

Many people want us to custom cut a hole for thier monitor and printer. We charge $100 per custom hole. Remember this is a DO IT YOURSELF PRODUCT! It is not a custom product. Please watch the video below and see if you think you can assemble this product before contacting us. We do not give out part information , like where to buy wood, plastic, aluminum bolts, etc from. If you want to buy parts than contact us directly and we will charge you for the parts. We have been doing this for a long time and have found 99% of people that want part info are just competitors guised as potential customers.

Some people buy this kit and then attempt to cut the hole for their own monitor. They email us and ask us how to cut plastic or wood or drill a hole. Let me repeat this is a DO IT YOURSELF PRODUCT.  If you have to ask questions like that than you are better off paying us or someone else to cut the holes out for you.

IN ADDITION TO CUTTING THE MONITOR HOLE…. you will also need to somehow mount your monitor in the booth. I can guarantee the brackets that hold our 17″ all in one pc will NOT fit your monitor.  You maybe able to adapt them, maybe not. There are hundreds of monitors, it is impossible to make an adjustable bracket that takes into account every monitor size, thickness, location of power , usb and other ports, etc.

For All of the above reasons we do not give any support to you for figuring out how to custom mount your electronics. Most people are better off shipping their monitor to us. You pay shipping both ways and $100 custom fee.

DIY LED photo booth kiosk

DIY LED photo booth kiosk

DIY LED photo booth kiosk

DIY LED photo booth kiosk

DIY LED photo booth kiosk

DIY LED photo booth kiosk












See this youtube video below to see how it is assembled.