Do you rent photobooths nationally?

No we generally only rent our booths within the Carolinas and Georgia


How much do you charge for photo booth hourly rentals?

Please check our Pricing Page for our current specials and current prices.


How much do you charge for photo booth day long rentals?

We charge $595 per day which includes up to 100 sessions. Additional Sessions cost $100 per 50 sessions. If the booth is used non stop generally you can do about 50 sessions per hour.  We ship the booth directly to you and then UPS will pick it up the following day. It has shipping dimensions of 10x20x40″ @ 80 pounds and can easily fit the in the back seat of any car or the passenger seat it positioned vertically.

Are you available on our event date?

Since we have so many booths there is a good chance we are available, but to double check please fill out the availability checker form


Is there a deposit to hold our event date?

50% of the rental fee. The balance is due 30 days before your event. We accept Visa and

Mastercard as well as checks and money orders.


Do you charge extra for set up of your booths?

No, we will arrive early to set up the booth and then take it away at the end of the event.

There is an extra charge if you wish for the booth to be set-up earlier than 1 hour before the rented time period.


I need the booth set up two hours before my reception because my ceremony and reception are

at the same place. How much do you charge for idle hours?

This happens quite frequently. We charge $30 extra per hour of idle time. Some customers

choose to have the booth run for a one hour cocktail hour. Have it idle for an hour during

dinner and then have it run for a couple more hours during the reception as well.


How many sessions does your booth take per hour?

How many pictures does your both take per hour?

This is a question that a lot of clients are confused about!  Our photobooths take four

photos per session. We can do about 50 sessions an hour. After each session the four photos

are printed out on a single sheet of photo paper.  So the booth takes a total of around 200

photos per hour. Some companies have booths that do 6 photos per session. Because each

session takes longer though they can only do around 35-40 sessions per hour and thus less

people get to use the booth per hour. Bigger is not always better.

While we can program our booths to do any number of photos, we have found that four is the

perfect balance between effciency and letting people just have fun.

If you have a special situation that requires a high volume of people to go through the

booth in a short amount of time we recommend renting two booths or simply having a single

picture per session.

We will be coming out with a booth that does two 3D photos for every session with 3D glasses

as well in the future.


Do we get unlimited photos during the rental period?

Yes and no. So many companies brag about “unlimited” photos. Tell them you want 200 photos

printed out per hour though and see what happens.  There actually is a limit to the number

of photos you can make whether you rent from us or the competition. The limit is because it

is just humanly impossible to have more than around 70 sessions per hour. People need 40 to

60 seconds to get into the booth and take their photos. So to answer the question, yes we

give you unlimited photos, just realize that in the real world that means 5o to 70 sessions

per hour.


I have 200 guests at my wedding, how many hours should I rent the booth for?

Generally speaking people go in the booth in groups or at the very least couples. Sure

there’s your third cousin who couldn’t get a date, but we’re talking about normal people

here 🙂 If all 200 of your guests came as couples then you’d need 100 sessions and since our

booth does about 50 sessions per hour you’d need a minimum of two hours for every couple to

get a print out. However many people go in twice and then there’s your other cousin who is a

totally camera hog and goes in there 5 times 🙂

Taking that into consideration we recommend at least an hour and a half for every 100 guests

invited. For 200 guests that woud be at least 3 hours. We’ve been to smaller weddings where

everyone is constantly using it while we’ve also gone to larger weddings where there were so

many activities it caused less usage. You’ll have to use a bit of your own judgment to

determine how long you want it.


I want the photobooth at my cocktail hour outside and then will have my reception inside.

Should we move the booth inside?

Yes. People partying on the dance floor aren’t going to walk far away just to use the booth.

Trust us on this one. We’ve seen a few events where the clients insisted on having the booth

in some isolated corner or in a totally different room and it didn’t get used as much. We’ve

found that having it by the bar for some reason keeps it busy all night long. Our booths can

be easily moved, but make sure you give us enough clearance to go from point a to b.


Our reception venue is on the side of a mountain. To get there you need to go up 100 steps

and across a swinging bridge. Will that be a problem?

No, our  booths are easily transported, weigh 70 pounds and come in a rolling case.


Oh and there’s no electricity on the side of the mountain either.

No problem we can run our booth on batteries for an extra fee.


It rains quite often on this mountain side and we want the booth outside, will that be an


Well we do have a rain fly we can put over the booth, but I doubt your guests will want to

get wet to use it, except for your camera hog cousin. Generally speaking it is best to have

it in side close to an electricity outlet.


How much floor space will the booth take up? Will you need anything besides electricity? Is it wheel chair accessible?

3.5’x 5.5 feet. It fits 3 comfortably, but we’ve seen 12 or more people crammed up in it

We have larger booths available too for an extra fee, but we find that our standard size is

the most popular. If you purchase the guest book option, a small rectangular table will be

needed as well as a chair for people to sign the guestbook. It is wheel chair accessible. Our booth is unique in that the bench can be removed and people in wheel chairs can then use the booth.


I’ve seen some companies that need a separate table for a computer printer and notebook

computer, which seems to take up a lot of space. Does your company require that?

For our standard photo printouts no extra table is needed. If you are going to be ordering

key chains or mugs or a scrapbook we will need a table provided so we can assembly the party



How long does it take for photos to be posted on the internet? Can they be password protected?

Two weeks or less and yes most galleries are password protected.


Can we get a copy of the images taken by the digital photobooth on a disk?

Yes all photobooth rentals include a CD or DVD of all the photos taken at high resolution,

which will allow you to make enlargements up to and beyond 16×20″ easily.


Can you print out the classic 4 strip black and white photos like the old 1950’s photobooths

do? Are there other options for how the photos are printed?

Yes we can print the strips out in black and white or color. If you choose the photos strips

then the machine prints out two 4×6″ strips on a sheet. This is a very popular option for

people that want a scrapbook guest book. The guests keep one strip and the other strip goes

into the scrap book.  You can also choose to have four photos printed on a single 4×6″ sheet

with your event name and date imprinted on it. Actually you can have any personalized

message or even a logo printed along with the 4 photos. We also offer mugs, key chains,

scrapbooks and larger sized photos up to 8×10″. See our gallery section of our web site for

photos of those items.


What is a green screen Photobooth?

Instead of using a normal background we use a green screen background and virtually add any

background our clients want. We recently did one for an MTV sweet sixteen party and it was a



Can we choose the color of the background? can we use our own background?

Yes. Our default background is white. But we also offer backgrounds in red, blue, pink,

gray, purple and green. If you wish to use your own background make sure it is at least 4

feet wide and 9 feet long.


We would like the outside of the booth to be a certain color to match the decor of our reception/party/venue is this possible?  Can you make custom booth sides with pictures and graphics on them?

Right now all of our booths are black or a dark navy blue; these conservative colors will

compliment any decor. We are working on red booths as well as pink ones for a more festive

environment. Please enquire about availability.  We are also working on making custom booths that can be imprinted with a clients photo, logo, text or saying.


Does an attendant come with the rental?

Yes, he or she will set up the booth and answer any questions guests have as well as take

the booth down at the end of the night. That being said the booth is self explanatory and an

attendant is not really needed since instructions are clearly displayed on the large LCD

computer display inside the booth. 


How much will it cost to deliver the booth to my event?

Generally speaking we try to make delivery free if you live within 45 minutes or so of a

metropolitan area, whether it be New York City or Honolulu, Hawaii. This may change in the

future and will sometimes depend on your location in the country.


Do you have liability insurance? My venue has old historic floors and walls and is worried

about a heavy booth scratching or marring the decor.

Yes we are insured. However, rest assured , we have never run into an issue where there was

property damage. Our booths weigh 80 pounds. Most old fashioned chemical booths from the

1950’s weigh 700 pounds and that is why many venue people cringe when they hear you want a

photo booth.


What happens if there is a mechanical problem with the booth?

Well since our booths are digital there simply is no such thing as a mechanical problem. Old

chemical booths used motors and chains to develop photo strips. Our modern digital booths use

computers, cameras and printers to produce higher quality results.

Our booths are contractually guaranteed to run 80% of the time. They occasionally need paper and supplies replenished, otherwise they work non stop.


What is the difference between the digital photobooths your company rents and a classic chemical photo booth?


Basically the speed and output of the images. Our modern digital photobooths can produce an array out output photos that range in size from 2×6” strips to 3”x8” strips to 4×6” prints to 8×10” prints. Old classic chemical booths typically print out a single 1.5” x8” strip of photos and are typically quite a bit slower allowing fewer guests to use them per hour.  Generally the chemical booths weigh around 700 pounds and are so expensive to transport that rental fees become cost prohibitive. The biggest advantage of the digital booth though is that it stores all the photos as digital files which can be reprinted and viewed latter on; old chemical booths do not have this capability and the strips of photos your guests take will most likely never be viewed by you again.


We would like photos from the booth projected onto a large projection screen towards the end

of our reception as a little “surprise” for our guests can this be done.

Yes, we have screens that range in size from 6×9′ to 10×10′ in size. We can even have photos

projected on the screen as they are taken Please inquire about pricing.


Your photobooth company seems to offer the best products at the best prices, how do you do


Our booths were custom engineered to be mobile and elegant, perfect for weddings, birthday

parties, sweet sixteen’s and Mitzvahs. It was built to be larger than your typical vending

machine booth while looking elegant from the outside and uses professional cameras and

lighting equipment. We are able to offer the best price because we offer our services on a

nation wide level and have booths through out the USA ready for rental, minimizing

transportation costs. Even when we do need to transport a booth they are easily shipped to

the required destination. Lastly, we manufacture all our booths in house and pass the

cost savings on to you. Everything from sewing the curtains to welding the aluminum frames

is done by our employees.