Apple's Photobooth Program does greenscreen backgrounds

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Well You can always pay someone $100 to design a photobooth background for you like this graphic artist does, but seriously most backgrounds in photobooths get blocked by the guests sitting in front of them so it is kind of pointless to do this unless you are verty particular on how the image lines up with the camera.

We’ve been doing green screen booths for a while and it’s really popular for sweet sixteen and bar/bat mitzvahs.

 Turns out Apple’s latest version of Photobooth does  a green screen feature as well

Here is one youtube video showing how it is done. However a quick youtube search for the keywords photobooth background shows that the effect is not very good. Even when using a green screen the computer’s graphics cannot quickly replace the background as you move quickly in the frame.

So the end conclusion is that is’s a fun software feature, but that’s about it. for real world green screen products you are best sticking to the traditional methods of using Photoshop or custom programs like express digital.

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