Hardware needed and suggestions for photo booths

Using computer monitors that you can see outside

One of the problems with renting a photobooth outside is that the computer monitors are very difficutl to see in the direct sunlight. There are companies that make specialized outdoor monitors for 20x the cost of a regular monitor. For example a normal 19″ monitor that is on sale for $100 would probably cost $2000 for an outdoor viewable monitor. ¬†There are reasonably priced alterantives...

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Megapixel III printer

The Megapixel III printer is made by a Japaneese company and was primarily used in Olympus Kiosk Print stations in department stores like Meijer’s.¬† It is also rebranded under the Pixel magic brand name. The Machine is similar to Mitsibushi’s cp-8000dw dye sublimation printer in shape and form but is slightly heavier given that it can hold a roll of paper that is 400 sheets long...

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