Photo Booth Miscellaneous

Photo Booth miscellaneous posts

Suggested poses for a photobooth rental

SUGGESTED POSES FOR PHOTO-BOOTH PICTURES. BY TED TRAVELSTEAD¬†and his web site: (a) Big ol’ cheesy smile (b) “I am not a crook” face with double peace sign (c) Doin’ the funky chicken – – – – (a) Sticking tongue out (b) Wearing fuzzy top hat, giving thumbs-up (c) Showing off your rare fourth...

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Review photobooth artist Well every artist has to have their medium and for Daniell Minnick, it seems to be the photobooth itself. Interesting work in the above two web sites. Check it out and if you would like to rent a photobooth from us, please check our our rental web...

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Old Photo Booth

The article below was taken from Smithstonian. The below link contains a great video. It shows how the insides of an old photobooth looks, and a little on how it worked. Below is an article about the author and is also an interesting read. Reprinted from American Photobooth (c) Näkki Goranin. With permission...

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