Classic Model 9 Photobooth

Classic Model 9 Photobooth

We were feeling a bit nostalgic so we’ve added a Classic Model 9 Photobooth shape to our line up.

It is $2000 for the shell only with out any electronics and packs away neatly into 4 parts: a long ski bag, a short duffle bag, a tube for the panels to roll into and a computer/electronics box.   A complete kit with refurbished electronics is about $1500 more. So for $3500 you can have a classic booth that will fit in a car! We can make the vertical collums split in half so they are easiser to transport as well.

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Check out all of these great features:

  • Social media. You can capture user’s email addresses and upload to a facebook page easily. If you want even more capabilities ask about our upgrade to allow posting to individual twitter and facebook accounts as well as SMS text messaging. Please note facebook and twitter require usernames and passwords on a live internet connection. This can be wifi or a broadband cellular device/hotspot at your event location.
  • Custom Logos , text and banners. We offer several support videos as well as hands on help on how to setup logos and other text on your printed photo strips. We even offer templates for sale. Just check out the templates tab on this web site.
  • Outside slide show Monitor, shows all the photos being taken and get’s people excited about using the booth.
  • Video booth capabilities. Allow your guests to record short video clips of themselves.
  • Green Screen capable. We are one of the few photobooth companies that includes over 30 green screen backgrounds so you can get started right away.
  • Flipbook capable. Create fun flipbooks that are made of about 30 sheets of photos. guests simply flip them with their thumbs creating a unique stop action movie.
  • 1 year warranty on all components.
  • 1 year tech support.