How to make your own photo booth for less than $1000

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I get questions all the time about buying a photo booth or asking me how to make one.   Well I’m going to share my knowledge over the next few posts and educate you on how to do it yourself!

The basic cost for the booth is as follows:

$140 for frame
$ 80 thumbs plus printing program from
$100 for 15″ LCD monitor
$ 30 for
$ 30 for USB number pad
$  5 for USB extention cord
$100 for webcam/videocamera
$30 fop tripod head for videocamera.
$500 for laptop
$100 for printer
$20 For some lights.
$50 for some fabric

total around $1000  🙂

 Of couse a lot of you probably own a laptop or desktop computer you can use and many of you probably have a printer and a web cam or video camera  as well so the actuall cost for you to make this booth is going to be a lot less. I’ll even be sharing a little script that automates almost everything for FREE.

The first thing you need to do is make a booth. Lets make a booth out of light weight aluminum that is easily transportable and put together. 

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