Megapixel III printer

Posted by on Jan 26, 2009 in Hardware | Comments Off on Megapixel III printer

The Megapixel III printer is made by a Japaneese company and was primarily used in Olympus Kiosk Print stations in department stores like Meijer’s.  It is also rebranded under the Pixel magic brand name. The Machine is similar to Mitsibushi’s cp-8000dw dye sublimation printer in shape and form but is slightly heavier given that it can hold a roll of paper that is 400 sheets long (4×6″ size). While small the printer is extremely heavy at around 45 pounds.

The printer has a very odd native resolution of 334×600 pixels. All other dye sublimation printers have a square proportion about 300×300 pixels. Due to this odd resolution this printer has issues with many software packages. Since the resolution is twice as much along the width photos will be stretched out when printed. This can only be solved by using special software, other wise most programs like will distort the printed images making it useless for photobooth rentals.

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