Photo Booth Rental a Hot New Trend for Wedding Reception Fun

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Photo Booth scrap booking has emerged as a popular new trend for couples wishing to add a lively element to their wedding reception.”We have seen a measurable increase in wedding photo booth rental related searches,” says Gandhi Hurwitz, president of, a popular wedding planning web site.

“Renting a photo both for the evening allows wedding guests to have fun and get loose behind the curtain,” explains Hurwitz. “The really fun part is all of the guests building a personalized scrapbook for the bride and groom to take home with them at the end of the evening.”

Julie Thomas, who was recently wed in Spring Lake, New Jersey, explains, “The photo booth was a huge hit. Our guests loved crowding in behind the curtain and acting goofy. There was a line all night to the booth. The best part was the scrapbook they created for us using their favorite photo strips. Each guest glued in their shots, and signed it for us. We will always treasure that scrapbook.”

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