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This Unit is composed of three “boxes.” Each box is about 20″x30″ and 26″ tall. Combined the 3 boxes are 6 feet tall and take up very little floor space. There is a bench and panel set that makes up the back section of the booth. The booth can be used as an open air design if you do not set up the bench section. When every thing is broken down you have two boxes that are each about 20”x30”x26” in size. All electronics are refurbished in this photobooth including the camera, computer and printer. You may choose to upgrade to new components if you want. We always recommend photobooth companies have back up electronic gear and it is often more affordable to use two sets of refurbished gear than it is to use a single set of new gear. The computer is a MSI AE1900, camera is a canon power shot and printer is a Mitsibushi cp9550dw. The unit does NOT come with any paper or ink. You can purchase your first roll of 600 prints from us for $100 more. An average event uses about 150 photos (300 double strips) per event. So it is only about $25 per event to run the machine. Since computers and electronics are constantly being updated and discontinued the above electronics may change in the future. Please contact us directly for up to the date components list.


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