Photo Party Pod Social Media Tower $4000

Photo Party Pod Social Media Tower $4000
photo party pod social media photo booth $3999

photo party pod social media photo booth $4000


PPP led photos



The Photo Party Pod (PPP) is an awesome alternative to a standard photobooth.

The touchscreen interface makes it very user-friendly and it’s sleek square tower design is only 16 inches in each direction. Unlike competing products that require complicated networking solutions, the PPP is an all in one solution that makes social media a snap. Set up a traditional photo background, green screen or step and repeat and the PPP will be the life of your party.

The PPP is equipped with social media software, built with input from the top photobooth companies, and comes loaded with:
Animated GIFs – The latest craze allows several photos to be put together creating a flip book effect.
Green Screen – Up to 16 different custom backgrounds can be used.
Photo Filters – Choose sepia, black and white, color or other instragram like filters.
Many preloaded templates.  Double strips, single photos, or large 4×6″ layouts are a snap.
Social Media – PPP allows instant uploading to Email, Facebook, and Twitter from the booth’s touchscreens.
Video – Have guests record video messages that can be shared on youtube.

Top of the line hardware is also included!

  • A professinal DSLR camera
  • A TRUE ring flash unit (not an inferior orbis or DIY ring light reflector).*
  • Three touch screen monitors.*

After you have read about all of these great features you’ll be surprised to find out that the entire unit only costs $4000. This is over $2400 less than the competition.

Wait there is more….. not only do you get all of the above the PPP also comes with a professional dye sub printer  so your guests can take home a souvenir of the experience and a slip case to protect it during transportation. And just to make this deal almost unbelievable it also includes an LED uplight that is placed on the internal floor to make the PPP change tomany colors!  That’s another $1000 in hardware to make your business even more profitable.
Use the hard copy printer to print your phone number and/or website on all the print outs. Guess who just got referred for the next event! Together with facebook and other social media branding your phone and inbox will be blowing up.

So what are you waiting for, Give us a shout and buy the Photo Party Pod.
thank you!

*this hardware is currently standard but may change in the future as electronics manufacturers are constantly updating and phasing out old models every year.

Specifications are subject to change. We reserve the right to make any corrections to this web site.