Review of Photoboof Version 4.895 (12/2/07)

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This software has been out since July 14th 2005 and originally cost $50. Two and a half years latter the software has a few more features, but now costs $600.  The original posted photobooth software for sale can be found here

 When I had asked to buy it the price had risen to $75 and ever since it has steadily risen.

 However now that sells photobooth software for $95 and other programmers see profit in this niche software market I’m guessing the environment will get more competitive.

 Photoboof as a software package is pretty cusomizable, but at its price point what would you expect?  It basically takes 4 photos in a row and prints them out as a strip or a grid configuration. You can also add logos and spice up the print outs in various ways.  However as with all previous version of this software when ever I install a different or new printer the program will not work . It takes photos, but only displays the last group taken and prints out the last group taken as well. Even after setitng the correct printer in Irvan View* I still had the issue and then only by restarting the computer did the system work better, but still not perfect. Other issues I have had is that the program works, but does not show the preview pictures after they are taken. I do not know how the program interfaces with the printers installed on a  PC, but this area of the software is what I find really problematic when it doesn’t work. If I have the printer not set correctly or installed a new printer why should the software mess up? Seems to me that the software should run fine and just not print out. There used to be a users forum located on their web site but unfortunately it has been down for over half a year and I doubt it will be running again. If you never change your printers or tweak your hardware this software could be just what you are looking for as long as you dont’ mind tweaking the timing settings for your particular computer/camera/printer combination and realize that it takes some patience to get working correctly.

If you want to start your own photobooth rental business I would deffinetely suggest having a backup software.

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