Slim Stackable Kiosk only 10″ thick

Slim Stackable Kiosk only 10″ thick

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This is the smallest all in one photobooth that can use a fast dye sub printer in side of it. Don’t be fooled by smaller boxes that use a consumer quality inkjet or dye sub that takes a minute to print out causing a slow line and disappointed guests.
Measuring 32x16x10″. Just 10 inches deep! This will fit in any car easily.

The photo booth is built out of Polycarbonate which is over 10x stronger than acrylic. Acrylic has the tendency to crack and is not recommended for an item that is constantly transported and subject to shock. This makes the entire booth very light weight. Unlike many other photo booths ours’ weighs approximately 12 lbs without a printer inside.
We utilize a TOUCH SCREEN to operate the entire photo booth and it comes with a point and shoot camera or you can upgrade to a DSLR for $400.

The only benefit to upgrading to a DSLR camera is that you can do video booth, flipbooks and green screen. The actual image quality is about the same since the prints are only about 2×3″ in size. I other words regardless of whether you use a 3mp or a 20MP camera the results still look great.

We use a REAL STROBE, not a cheap fluorescent dual continuous ring light which would result in blurry images if the subjects move. IF YOU LIKE THE RING LIGHT LOOK YOU CAN UPGRADE FOR $200 MORE. THIS WILL BE FOR A REAL RING LIGHT STROBE NOT SOME CHEAP LED OR FLOURESCENT ONE THAT OFTEN GIVES MOTION BLUR.
Our touch screen  can upload to facebook and other social media sites. For the best customer experience we recommend upgrading to a unit with a second monitor on the back of the box SEE BACK SIDE PHOTO FOR PLACEMENT. This allows for a very fast line since people aren’t holding up the line as they upload their photos to social media. The upgrade for a ipad  is $500 and includes photobooth connected software pro version which costs $300 by it self!
You will need to buy a photographic back drop and stands to hang it on. Everything else is included. Our booths are also compatible with wireless and blue tooth enabled dye sublimation printers.
the following is included:

* Standard POLYCARBONATE crack proof Photo Booth – 32x15x7″
* touch screen pc
* monolight STROBE
* Heavy duty portable black stand (UPGRADE TO TWO BOXES AND BASE PLATE FOR $300 MORE)
* software
* canon s3 Point and shoot camera refurbished

What is not included?
* DSLR Camera with kit Lens ($400 upgrade), hot shoe adapter, power supply, etc.

* Printer. We recommend the sinfonia CS2 which is a $750 printer, because it can fit in side the box and takes about 20 seconds to print a photo. You can also buy a Hiti P110 consumer dye sub but that takes around a minute to print out.
Many customers just use a bigger dye sub printer that sits next to the scrapbook table and run a usb cable to it. We can sell you larger refurbished dye subs for around $400 if you are on a budget please call us at 704 726 9788 if you have more questions.

* Studio background or stand
Common upgrade costs:
* Sinfonia CS2 pritner $750 ( you can buy this on ebay new )
*$500 ipad on back for social media input.
*$300 for diamond base plate and two stackable boxes

If you wish to just use the product as a social media outlet you can. If you want to print out photos you will need to buy a printer (see above). Everything else is included. You can purchase the upgrades mentioned above directly through us. Our booths are also compatible with wireless and blue tooth enabled dye sublimation printers if you would prefer to go through route.
Shipping & Handling will be about $100 to $200 depending on where you live in the United States All orders take approximately 10 business days to ship out as each unit is produced for the client as they are ordered. You will not be hit with custom fees since this product is made in the USA. Beware of cheap chinese booths where you get hit the custom and terrif fees that can easily cost over $100. If you have any questions prior to ordering please let us know 704 726 9788 .
Samples Photos & Image Quality
The photo quality is the most important factor to consider when purchasing a photo booth. Ask any fashion photographer what type of lighting they prefer and most of them will probably say a ring light strobe. A strobe is a light that flashes briefly like a lightening bolt freezing action and yielding crisp clear photos. Do not be fooled by continuous fluorescent or led ring lights. They just are not powerfull to stop fast action and your customers antics will wind up being blurry messes.
The results are just amazing!

Check out all of these great features:

  • Social media. You can capture user’s email addresses and upload to a facebook page easily. If you want even more capabilities ask about our upgrade to allow posting to individual twitter and facebook accounts as well as SMS text messaging. Please note facebook and twitter require usernames and passwords on a live internet connection. This can be wifi or a broadband cellular device/hotspot at your event location.
  • Custom Logos , text and banners. We offer several support videos as well as hands on help on how to setup logos and other text on your printed photo strips. We even offer templates for sale. Just check out the templates tab on this web site.
  • Outside slide show Monitor, shows all the photos being taken and get’s people excited about using the booth.
  • Video booth capabilities. Allow your guests to record short video clips of themselves.
  • Green Screen capable. We are one of the few photobooth companies that includes over 30 green screen backgrounds so you can get started right away.
  • Flipbook capable. Create fun flipbooks that are made of about 30 sheets of photos. guests simply flip them with their thumbs creating a unique stop action movie.
  • 1 year warranty on all components.
  • 1 year tech support.