Slow Motion Camera, lights and software for cool effects

Slow Motion Camera, lights and software for cool effects

If you are interested in running a slow motion video set up than we can provide you with technical advice and gear. Here is a sample Youtube video done by

They also have tutorials on how to do this set up on youtube.

Our slow motion package consists of  the following:

240fps camera Panasonic fz200

Software for quick on the spot editing of video clips to make an onsite video slide show and playing back of files. We do not give out the software name, so please do not call and ask.

While there are many videos on youtube of 240fps cameras,  our package is meant to make everything easy to shoot, edit and share.

Some people are trying to sell  a slow motion camera  put inside an automatic booth, while possible, the results would not be good. It would be like your friend posing you for wedding pictures. The creative videographer has a lot to do with getting good footage. Putting a 240fps camera into an automatic booth might sound easy the resulting footage would be pretty boring. because there is no artistic director guiding people what to do.


Q:  Why is your package so inexpensive? I see other companies selling a set up for $8000
A: There is a sucker born every minute.

Q: Is this a new trend in event entrainment that is going to last a long time.  I don’t’ want to start a business if I’m not 100% sure I will make lots of money.A: Being an entrepreneur means taking risks, nothing in life is guaranteed and I have no idea how long this will be popular for.

Q: Why would anyone want this slo motion booth over a tradtional photobooth where all your guests can go home with a nice photo strip souvenir?
A Our instructions tell you how to create a photostrip very fast for printing out as a party favor.

Q: I thought only cameras costing thousands of dollars could do good slow motion recording?
A: Filming any scene is more dependant on having good lighting. After all if you are in a dark room that $10,000 video camera you have is going to be useless. There are many cameras that can be used that are in the $500 to $1000 price range.

Q: If you are only charging $1000 your gear must not be very good?
A:=Any artistic endeavor is mostly dependent on a creative eye, more so than the cost of gear used.

Q: If I researched and bought all my own gear how much money would I save vs. buying a turn key solution like yours?
A: You might save $50, but  would probably cost you hundreds more in lost business as you learn via trail and error.

The price for the two 42″ long led light bars, camera, software and instructions to use everything so that movies can be displayed to the crowd almost immediately is $1,000.  We do not have any brochures or other information on the system we can give to you ahead of time. We get tons of calls from people trying to put together their own system, if you want to hire us a consulatant our rate is $75 an hour call 704-726-9788 if interested.