The ultimate photo booth rental scrapbooks

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So you’re going to blow a grand on a photobooth, but how will you keep all those fabulous pics. Welcome to a wonderfull list of scrapbooks which range from the amazingly fancy to the plain and simple. 

First up is a company from Canada, where most old chemical booths come from.

They offer EVERYTHING from leather to metal to even glass covers. Better get a price quote before giving them your plastic though cause good looks don’t come cheap.

 photo booth rental scrapbook

For something more playfull check out this web site: which also offers more classic looking wedidng albums. 

Personally I’m fond of larger albums 10×10″ and above. Most photo strips are around 8″ tall so anything smaller than that will be a problem.  Here’s a super large scrap book for all your photo booth strips that won’t break the bank:×15/Big-Book-Album-Ebony-12×15

Looking for something simple yet elegant? Than check out this company:

photoboooth guest book with ribbon

Lastly thier is light impressions. Their items are totally archival and nice a simple

 Well I hope this list helps you pick the perfect photo booth guest book.

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