What dimensions should my photobooth be?

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I get a lot of questions from people trying to make their own photobooth. Many people want to know how large the photobooth should be and how high the camera should be off the ground.  Traditional Photobooths are around 2.5′ feet wide and 5 feet long. They are 2.5 feet wide simply because most doorways are only 3′ wide or less and you’ll need to be able to fit the booth through doorways. However I’d suggest making your booth so it can be partially disassembled, that way you can have a larger booth to fit more people yet still fit it through doorways and up elevators.

 A good size for a wedding is a 4×4′ booth. Most wedding reception venues are pretty jam packed and any thing much bigger than this tends to dominate the room too much. Smaller than this and not enough people can fit in the booth at the same time.  Also keep in mind that a table is needed for a guest book and pens.  As far as the height of the booth goes 6′ and a few inches is fine, unless you happen to be hosting a party for professional basketball players.  Than the last critical dimension is the actual height of the camera. Around 3 to 5 feet, or 3.5′ feet is perfect.  If you are planning to offer photobooth rentals than make sure the booth will fit inside the venue, up stairs, around corners and up elevators if necessary.

 Happy photo boothing.

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